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Are you looking for something exciting, challenging and fun during your Bhutan trip? Do you love adventure?

Bhutan is the ultimate destination for all those who love to enjoy the thrills and adventures of life. This is one of the most beautiful places on the Earth with plenty of outdoor activities on offer. This beautiful country is an ideal destination for adventure lovers. Be it for rafting down crystal clear waters, or through glacier fed rivers, or trekking through thick forests; Bhutan has no dearth of activities to keep tourists engaged.

There is plenty to see and enjoy in Bhutan during your trip to this country. Tourists can select from a wide range of activities like mountain biking, hiking, fishing, river rafting and much more. Bhutan adventure tours include a combination of all such outdoor activities which are customized according to the needs of travellers.

Bhutan Cycling Tours

Biking opportunities should never be missed in this beautiful mountainous country! Cycling in Bhutan through the mountainous topography, with such magnificent views, can be the ultimate experience for adventure lovers. Traffic is quite light which means uninterrupted cycling without hindrances for bikers. Cycling trails meander through picturesque villages, small towns, and rural areas

White Water Rafting

Advantageous things to do in Bhutan

Kayaking & Rafting

Beautiful rivers meander through the plains and valleys of Bhutan, crisscrossing at junctures before they all converge into the Brahmaputra. Rivers are not just offering a magnificent backdrop, but are also providing immense opportunity for adventure sports, which include rafting and kayaking.That’s not all! Bhutan offers lots of more adventure sports activities to indulge in. Rock Climbing is quite popular among tourists. Special rock climbing program is planned through the year for enthusiasts. All these programs are under strict guidance and mentorship of experts in rock-climbing, mountaineering or kayaking.

Rock Climbing

Real adventure – real challenges! All brave hearts are welcome!

Rock climbing was first introduced in Bhutan in 1998. Ever since then, this adventure sport has attracted thousands of tourists every year. Enjoy rock climbing sessions under professional guidance and mentorship of experts. Learn everything about rock climbing and have the best experience of your life!


Fishing in Bhutan is another popular activity enjoyed amidst the calm and tranquillity of riverside. Fishing is just the perfect activity for those who are looking forward to something less demanding. The Bhutanese rivers are home to plenty of sweet water fish – it is not just a fishing opportunity, but also a real treat for your taste buds too.

Enjoy the calmness, serenity and freshness of the Himalayan region, as you try your luck fishing in Bhutan! Several rivers flow across this Himalayan country, offering immense scope for fishing in the lower terrain. Enjoy this fishing opportunity with your friends or family amidst the tranquillity and peace during your stay! It is a never-to-be-missed opportunity for the fish lovers.

All necessary arrangements for adventure activities will be done by us. Our experienced and trained tour operator will update you with all necessary details needed for the trip.

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