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Bhutan is regarded as one of the most pious and religious countries amongst the followers of Buddhism. In fact, Bhutan is famous for its religious celebrations, which attract tourists from all over the world – both Buddhists as well as people of other religious beliefs. Frankly speaking, whenever you visit Bhutan, there will be no dearth of religious and social festivals that will offer you an excellent idea about the local cultures and customs.

Festivals in Bhutan are celebrated all throughout the year, with the major ones being the two day event at Mt. Jomolahari base called Jomolahari festival, Monger Tshechu, the festival that is celebrated by the Kurtoeps and the Tshanglas, who are the locals of the Monger region in Eastern Bhutan. Other festivals include the Takin, Nimalung and the Nomad Festivals, Pema Gatshel, Trongsa, Paro, Thimpu, and Punaka Tshechu and a lot of other minor and major festivals.

Jomolahari Mountain Festival

This festival is organized jointly by the Jigme Dorji Wangchuk National Park, NRED & the Bhutan Foundation at Jhomolhari Base Camp at the foot of Mt. Jhomolhari. The festival mainly involves people from the Soe Yutey community from Thimpu and Soe Yaksa community from Paro. A number of events are organized for the purpose of the festivals. These events include exhibitions of local cuisines, different types of cultural and traditional performance by the locals, displaying the local traditions and culture, and so on.

Mongar Tshechu

It is one of the most significant of all the local Tshechus that are celebrated in the region all throughout the year. Each of these Teshechus is unique in character & style and exhibits dances along with traditions and Monger Tshechu is no different. This Tchechu is performed over a period of 3 days during the early part of the month of November, and is witnessed by people who come even from far off places like Lhuentse as well as Trashigang.