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Jomolhari Loop

Map Source: www.tourism.gov.bt

The Jomolhari Loop trek is the shortest of all the Jomolhari trekking routes in Bhutan. This trekking package is an intriguing one, with altitude varying from 2500 meters to as high as almost 5000 meters. You will get to experience the wide variety of landscapes, fauna, & flora that Bhutan has in the offing for you! The catch of the trek is a spectacular view of Mt. Jomolhari from the Jomolhari Base camp at Jangothang. An easier version of this route has been designed for those who would like to bypass the high passes and altitudes. They can opt to get back from Jangothang in 3 days but can still have the view of Mt. Jomolhari. The best time for this trek is Late March till May & from Late September till early November.