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Places To Visit


Memorial Chorten Thimphu

Ours is the only capital city in the world, which does not have any traffic light. Yet, you will find it amazing to roam about in the streets of the capital. Hence, if you are in the mood to know Thimphu and venture out to know the city all by yourself, you can do it at ease as you will find the locals friendly enough to guide you to the places of your interest should you need their help. You can stroll down the main thoroughfare, the Norzin Lam on foot to get the real ‘feel’ of the city. Then you can visit the National Folk Heritage Museum to know about the rural life, National Memorial Chorten, National Library to understand the Buddhist philosophy, and if you are a foodie then visit the local restaurants to taste the local cuisines. Then there is Zorig Chusum School of Traditional Arts, the crafts market near the Taj Tashi hotel and the Centenary Farmers’ Market, for a shopping spree.

For enjoying the local cuisines, like Ema Datsi, which is the National Dish of Bhutan, and Suja the local butter tea, and other stuffs, the thoroughfares of Norzin Lam, Phendey Lam and Chang Lam are the best! Some of the best restaurants in Thimpu include The Bhutanese, Bhutan Kitchen, Tandin, Ama, Yangkhil, and the restaurant of the National Folk Heritage Museum.