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Druk Path Trek

Duration 6 Days


This is a relatively shorter and moderate version of trek that will…

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Jomolahari Laya Gasa Trek

Duration 12 Days


This trek is considered to be one of the most enchanting treks that …

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Jomolhari Loop

Durtaion 7 Days


The Jomolhari Loop trek is the shortest of all the Jomolhari trekkin…

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Jomolhari Trek

Duration 9 days


Jomolhari Trek is a bit longer than Jomolhari Loop, with the differe…

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Snowman Trek I

Duration 25 days


First of all, this is NOT a trek for you if you are weak! This stunn…

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Snowman Trek II

Duration 25 days


This is another version of the Snowman Trek that takes you to the…

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Nabji Korphu Trek

Duration 6 day


The Nabji-Korphu Trek is a post-harvest and post winter trekking tha…

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Merak Sakteng Trek

Druation 7 days


This trek offers you the unique experience of a semi-nomadic lifesty…

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Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek

Duration 6 days


This 6 days trek will take you to one of the most pristine location…

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Gangtey Trek

Duration 3 days


This is one of the shorter trekking packages that we offer. It takes…

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Punakha Winter Trek

Duration 2 Days


This is an extremely short and hence, an easy trek that takes you…

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Bumthang Cultural Trek

Duration 3 days


Bumthang Cultural Trek will take you through Choekhor and the Tang…

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Bumthang Owl Trek

Duration 3 days


This 3 days trek in and around Bumthang provides a rare opportunity…

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Wild East Rodung La Trek

Duration 10 days


This 10 days trek involves some extremely steep climbs and…

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Samtengang Winter Trek

Duration 4 days


This 4 days trek is short and pleasant. The trek starts from Punakha …

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Duer Hot Springs Trek

Duration 9 days


This is undoubtedly one of the toughest and challenging treks that…

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Salt Trek Route

Duration 8 Days


This 8 days long trek covers the pristine broadleave as well as pine …

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